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Make building your website as easy as putting together Legos. Tweak and customize everything via Elementor's code-free interface.

How EasyThemePacks Works

Install Elementor®

All our designs are based on this free WordPress plugin. It lets you edit every aspect of your site using drag and drop. No code required!

Pick your template

Pick your favorite template (or buy them all!). Then, import it to your WordPress site with just a couple clicks.

Tweak as needed

Use the Elementor interface to change text, swap in your own images, or tweak as needed to make things your own.

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In case you weren't already convinced...

I had my website up and running within a week! Amazing!

why easythemepacks?

Three reasons EasyThemePacks is simpler...

Beginner Friendly

Regular WordPress themes limit you. Elementor unlocks a whole new level of customization, while still keeping things simple and code-free.

Fully Responsive

Every single template is responsive, which means each template looks as good on a smartphone as it does on a desktop.

Marketing Ready

Our templates are more than a pretty face – they’re all built to help you meet real business objectives. And look good doing it!


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